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Sylvester Eye Care
Data Breach Class Action

June 1, 2022, Attention: victims of the Sylvester Eye Care data breach.

In a recent U.S. government filing, Sylvester Eye Care disclosed that it has been the victim of a data breach affecting patient information. At this time, very little information is available about the data breach itself, other than the admission by Sylvester Eye Care that a "hacking/IT incident" had resulted in the breach of its electronic medical records. There is no information regarding the beginning and ending dates of the breach or exactly what types of patient data was potentially disclosed in the data breach. There is no information about how the breach occurred or what steps Sylvester Eye Care has taken or is taking to mitigate the potential for future data breaches.

UPDATE: It is being reported that multiple eye care service providers have been affected by a data security incident experienced by electronic medical records platform myCare Integrity on or about December 4, 2021. The myCare Integrity platform is a product provided by eye care practice performance company Eye Care Leaders, which is used by multiple eye care facilities across the United States.

Approximately 19,377 individuals were affected by the Sylvester Eye Care data breach.

Breached data may include, but is not necessarily limited to: patient names, patient addresses, patient dates of birth, patient social security numbers, patient diagnostic data, and patient health insurance data.

Additional information about the Sylvester Eye Care data breach may be found here: Sylvester Eye Care.

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