Data Breach Class Action

September 18, 2023 -- Attention: victims of the Pharm-Pacc data breach.

On March 24, 2023, suspicious activity was detected on Pharm-Pacc's computer network. In response, the company moved to safeguard its computer systems and initiated a forensic investigation. With the assistance of an independent cybersecurity firm, they sought to ascertain the specifics of the data breach and if any data might have been compromised. By May 23, 2023, it was confirmed that unauthorized access had occurred on specific Pharm-Pacc computer systems. To further understand the implications, the company enlisted a vendor to examine whether these systems held any personal or protected health data. By July 14, 2023, it was determined that one of Pharm-Pacc's computer systems did store certain personal or protected health data, raising concerns that this data might have been compromised during the dats breach.

Approximately 3,700 individuals were affected by the Pharm-Pacc data breach.

Breached data may include, but is not necessarily limited to: Patient Name, Social Security Number, Patient Address, Date of Birth, Drivers License Number, Digital Signature, Patient License Plate Number, Patient Email Address, Patient Telephone Numbers, Individual Taxpayer Identification Number, Patient Medical Record Number, Patient Account Number, Patient Dates of Service, Patient Medical Image, Medical Device identifier, Patient Date of Death.

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Additional information about the Pharm-Pacc data breach may be found here: Pharm-Pacc Notice of Data Security Incident.

PHARM-PACC, a privately-owned, minority-certified corporation headquartered in Miami, Florida, offers Managed Recovery Services to hundreds of hospitals across the United States. PHARM-PACC claims that because of its initiatives, they reclaim several millions of dollars annually. The company has also secured service agreements with numerous buying groups, encompassing thousands of healthcare providers throughout the US.

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