Limestone Bank
Data Breach Class Action

September 18, 2023 -- Attention: victims of the Limestone Bank data breach.

Upon discovering irregular activity in an employee's email account, Limestone Bank promptly initiated measures to safeguard the account and launched an inquiry. Limestone Bank enlisted the services of a cybersecurity agency for assistance. The probe revealed instances of unauthorized access to the the email account from November 21, 2022, to March 23, 2023. After examining the emails and files within the account, it was determined that some contained individuals' private data.

Approximately 47,500 individuals were affected by the Limestone Bank data breach.

Breached data may include, but is not necessarily limited to: name, Social Security number, financial account data, medical data, and driver's license number.

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Additional information about the Limestone Bank data breach may be found here: Limestone Bank/Peoples Bank.

On April 30, 2023, Limestone Bank and Peoples Bank underwent a merger. Peoples Bank, a multifaceted financial services holding firm, offers a comprehensive suite of services encompassing banking, trust and investment, insurance, premium financing, and equipment leasing through its subsidiary companies. Established in 1902, the bank's headquarters are located in Marietta, Ohio. As of March 31, 2023, Peoples Bank held assets amounting to $7.3 billion and operated through 130 outlets. These included 113 full-fledged banking branches spread across Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, and Washington D.C.

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