Kyocera AVX
Data Breach Class Action Lawsuit

November 9, 2023 -- Attention: victims of the Kyocera AVX data breach.

Abington Cole + Ellery is investigating the recently announced Kyocera AVX data breach.

On March 30, 2023, Kyocera AVX faced a cybersecurity breach that compromised its Greenville and Myrtle Beach servers in South Carolina, leading to the encryption of select systems and a brief interruption of certain operations. The breach exposed personal details of individuals worldwide. Kyocera AVX claims it immediately initiated a meticulous inquiry with external cybersecurity specialists and informed law enforcement upon detecting the breach.

The company claims it took swift action to expel the unauthorized entity and fortify its systems. Kyocera AVX claims an extensive analysis revealed that from February 16 to March 30, 2023, an intruder accessed and extracted data from specific systems. Between March and September 2023, Kyocera AVX executed an eDiscovery review to ascertain the individuals whose information was at risk accurately.

Kyocera AVX's investigative efforts ascertained the extent and nature of the security incident and implemented measures to mitigate the recurrence of such events. According to Kyocera AVX, continuous enhancements are being made to bolster its cybersecurity defenses.

As a result of the data breach, Kyocera AVX is offering 12 months of free credit monitoring and/or identity theft protection services to affected individuals.

Approximately 39,000 individuals were affected by the Kyocera AVX data breach.

Breached data may include, but is not necessarily limited to: Personal Identifiable Information (including Social Security Numbers).

Additional information about the Kyocera AVX data breach may be found here: Kyocera AVX Data Breach Notification.

Kyocera AVX stands out in the global market as a key producer of sophisticated electronic components, striving to drive technological advancements and create a positive impact on the future. It operates as a subsidiary under the Kyocera Corporation umbrella, leveraging collective expertise and resources to establish a formidable international presence.

The entity underwent a rebranding from AVX Corporation to its current name on October 1, 2021, to align more closely with its growth and innovation strategies.

With an impressive worldwide operational footprint, the company runs a series of research, development, and manufacturing sites across over 15 nations, staffed by a dedicated workforce committed to pioneering developments, product excellence, and superior customer service.

Kyocera AVX is on an expansion trajectory, having recently taken over the Tantalum and Polymer Capacitor business from ROHM Co., Ltd. The company is also at the forefront of product innovation, evidenced by its latest Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor and the introduction of innovative One-Action-Lock FPC/FFC Connectors.

The corporation is a prominent international supplier and manufacturer, offering a vast portfolio of advanced electronic components and solutions, such as sensors, controls, interconnects, and antennas. With 33 production sites in 16 different countries, its product suite includes but is not limited to capacitors, resistors, filters, and couplers, catering to a broad spectrum of industrial needs.

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