Kelly Insurance & Investments
Data Breach Class Action Lawsuit

November 4, 2023 -- Attention: victims of the Kelly Insurance & Investments data breach.

Abington Cole + Ellery is investigating the recently announced Kelly Insurance & Investments data breach.

On March 1, 2023, an unauthorized party accessed one of the systems at Kelly Insurance & Investments, prompting an alert of a cybersecurity breach. Following the detection of this incident, the company immediately initiated measures to secure its network and commenced a thorough investigation. The investigation concluded on May 31, 2023, revealing that certain files had been extracted from the Kelly Insurance & Investments computer system by the unauthorized individual.

As a result of the data breach, Kelly Insurance & Investments is offering 12 months of free credit monitoring and/or identity theft protection services to affected individuals.

Approximately 7,000 individuals were affected by the Kelly Insurance & Investments data breach.

Breached data may include, but is not necessarily limited to: personal identifiable information.

Additional information about the Kelly Insurance & Investments data breach may be found here: Kelly Insurance & Investments Data Breach Notification.

Kelly Insurance & Investments, situated in the historic city of Annapolis, Maryland, is a specialized firm that delivers a broad array of services in financial planning and investment management. Their operations are tailored to address the intricate financial needs of their clientele, which includes high-net-worth individuals and corporate executives. As a national boutique firm, they are noted for their private wealth management, employee benefits, and risk management capabilities.

In the realm of private wealth management, Kelly Insurance & Investments is dedicated to helping clients develop and execute personalized strategies aimed at achieving their life goals. This bespoke service is central to their offering and is indicative of their commitment to their clients' long-term success and financial well-being. Additionally, they play a critical role in the realm of employee benefits, where they have established themselves as essential partners for executives seeking to create comprehensive and understandable benefits programs for their teams.

The firm's expertise extends to risk management, where their focus is on safeguarding assets and ensuring the longevity of their clients' companies. This is a crucial service that provides peace of mind and stability in an unpredictable economic landscape. Kelly Insurance & Investments prides itself on serving a diverse clientele, from business owners to millennials, all seeking to secure their financial futures. The company adopts a collaborative team-based approach, ensuring that every client's best interests are at the forefront of their operations.

For more information about steps you can take to possibly reduce the chances harm arising from a data breach, please review the following article: What are some steps you can take if you've been the victim of a data breach?

If you believe you are a victim of the Kelly Insurance & Investments data breach, and would like to participate in a class action lawsuit regarding this data breach, please submit your information via the form on this webpage. This website is not associated with nor authorized by Kelly Insurance & Investments or any affiliated companies.