Harris Center for Mental Health
Data Breach Class Action

August 22, 2023 -- Attention: victims of the Harris Center for Mental Health data breach.

MOVEit, a widely-used file transfer service employed by governmental bodies, corporations, healthcare institutions, and various global organizations, faced security breaches in late May 2023. This breach was due to an unrecognized vulnerability that permitted unauthorized entities to access files stored on the MOVEit platforms. Although The Harris Center doesn't utilize MOVEit directly, they discovered on June 20, 2023, that these unauthorized entities had exploited the MOVEit platform of one of their affiliated service providers. Immediately after gaining knowledge of this breach, The Harris Center embarked on a thorough investigation and collaborated intensively with the service provider to reinforce the security of their shared data. The investigation ascertained that specific documents of The Harris Center were accessed, but the breach didn't extend to any of The Harris Center's own systems. A detailed assessment of the accessed documents was undertaken to ascertain if they held any sensitive personal details. By August 9, 2023, the assessment concluded, revealing that the documents had personal data.

Approximately 599,000 individuals were affected by the Harris Center for Mental Health data breach.

Breached data may include, but is not necessarily limited to: name, address, Social Security number, date of birth, protected health information, and health insurance data.

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Additional information about the Harris Center for Mental Health data breach may be found here: Harris Center for Mental Health Notice of a Data Security Incident.

Situated in Houston, Texas, The Harris Center oversees the National Suicide Lifeline hotline–988–serving a vast area that encompasses 45 counties within Texas. Recognized as the state's predominant source of community-oriented behavioral health and IDD solutions, The Harris Center has also pioneered and manages the widely acknowledged Respite, Rehabilitation, and Re-entry Center, which offers services such as jail diversion, transitional assistance, and stabilization.

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