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Dufresne Spencer Group
Data Breach Class Action Lawsuit

May 10, 2024 -- Attention: victims of the Dufresne Spencer data breach.

Abington Cole + Ellery is investigating the data breach recently announced by Dufresne Spencer Group.

Dufresne Spencer data breach summary:

Dufresne Spencer Group recently faced a data security incident, during which an unauthorized party accessed its IT environment. This data breach occurred between May 15, 2023, and June 5, 2023. Following the discovery of the data breach, Dufresne Spencer Group claims it promptly secured its systems and initiated an investigation with the help of a cybersecurity firm.

According to Dufresne Spencer Group, this investigation revealed that the unauthorized party had accessed and possibly acquired files containing personal information from Dufresne Spencer Group computer systems. After reviewing these files, Dufresne Spencer Group confirmed on January 15, 2024, that some personal information had been compromised.

As a result of the data breach, Dufresne Spencer is offering 12 months of free credit monitoring and/or identity theft protection services to affected individuals.

A currently UNKNOWN number of individuals were affected by the Dufresne Spencer data breach.

Breached data may include, but is not necessarily limited to: names, dates of birth, driver's license data, banking data (i.e., account numbers, routing numbers), and digital signatures.

Additional information about the Dufresne Spencer data breach may be found here: Dufresne Spencer Data Breach Notification.

About Dufresne Spencer Group:

Dufresne Spencer Group, established in 1987, is headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee. This company operates within the furnishings sector, managing a significant network that includes 166 Ashley retail stores, 21 distribution centers, and three corporate offices. The organization employs between 1,000 and 5,000 people and is recognized for its commitment to customer service, efficient delivery, and active community involvement.

Since its founding, Dufresne Spencer Group expanded dramatically to become the world's largest Ashley licensee. The company's growth was marked by strategic alliances and acquisitions, including a significant partnership with The Dufresne Group in 2012, leading to the formation of the Dufresne Spencer Group.

Dufresne Spencer Group has a strong record of achievement in the furniture retail industry. It quickly moved up the ranks in Furniture Today’s Top 100 Furniture Retailers, achieving the 15th position in 2022. This rapid growth was supported by expanding into various markets like Houston, Dallas, Chicago, New Orleans, south Mississippi, and Detroit​.

The Dufresne Spencer Group / Ashley Website may have additional information about or provide periodic updates regarding the data breach.

For more information about steps you can take to possibly reduce the chances harm arising from a data breach, please review the following article: What are some steps you can take if you've been the victim of a data breach?

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