Deer Oaks Behavioral Health
Data Breach Class Action Lawsuit

November 1, 2023 -- Attention: victims of the Deer Oaks Behavioral Health data breach.

Abington Cole + Ellery is investigating the recently announced Deer Oaks Behavioral Health data breach.

On September 1, 2023, Deer Oaks Behavioral Health detected potential unauthorized activity in a segment of its computer network. According to Deer Oaks Behavioral Health, antivirus software immediately identified and isolated the unauthorized activity, confining the incident to that single network segment. In response, Deer Oaks Behavioral Health claims it promptly enlisted the services of a specialized incident response vendor to secure its network and undertake a comprehensive forensic investigation. This investigation aimed to ascertain the nature and scope of the unauthorized activity.

In parallel, Deer Oaks Behavioral Health examined the data housed in the affected server to identify any patients whose information might be involved, with the intent of notifying them. The company completed this review on September 29, 2023.

Deer Oaks Behavioral Health claims it is implementing measures to preclude similar future incidents. To this end, the company also contracted with a specialized cybersecurity firm to conduct an additional forensic investigation. Moreover, Deer Oaks Behavioral Health claims it is enhancing its overall security posture to mitigate the risk of future occurrences.

As a result of the data breach, Deer Oaks Behavioral Health is offering 12 to 24 months of free credit monitoring and/or identity theft protection services to affected individuals.

Approximately 171,000 individuals were affected by the Deer Oaks Behavioral Health data breach.

Breached data may include, but is not necessarily limited to: names, addresses, dates of birth, Social Security numbers, diagnosis codes, insurance information, and treatment service type.

Additional information about the Deer Oaks Behavioral Health data breach may be found here: Deer Oaks Behavioral Health Data Breach Notification.

Deer Oaks Behavioral Health, located in San Antonio, Texas, is a provider of behavioral health services, especially focusing on long-term care. Services offered by Deer Oaks Behavioral Health include: Psychiatry Services, Psychology Services, Tele-Behavioral Health Services, and Employee Assistance Program Services.

Deer Oaks Behavioral Health offers a range of services including on-site psychiatry through board-certified psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants, ensuring residents receive minimal yet effective medication for their conditions. They also provide psychology services through doctoral-level licensed psychologists and licensed clinical social workers specializing in geriatric behavioral health for long-term care communities. In rural areas facing behavioral health provider shortages, Deer Oaks Behavioral Health addresses this issue through a Tele-Behavioral health program that mirrors their on-site programs. Additionally, they provide Employee Assistance Program (EAP) solutions, encompassing Work/Life, Wellness, and Student Assistance Programs tailored for employer groups of varying sizes.

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