Cornwell Quality Tools
Data Breach Class Action

August 30, 2023 -- Attention: victims of the Cornwell Quality Tools data breach.

Around September 22, 2022, Cornwell detected abnormal activities within its computer systems. Acting promptly, Cornwell fortified its digital defenses and hired a top-tier cybersecurity company to assess if any confidential data had been compromised during the event. The investigation revealed that some systems might have faced unauthorized access. In light of this, Cornwell collaborated with an expert firm to analyze the potentially impacted data. By August 23, 2023, Cornwell ascertained that the personal details of specific individuals might have been affected due to this data breach.

Approximately 11,000 individuals were affected by the Cornwell Quality Tools data breach.

Breached data may include, but is not necessarily limited to: name, driver's license number or other government identification card number.

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Additional information about the Cornwell Quality Tools data breach may be found here: Cornwell Quality Tools.

Founded in 1919 by a blacksmith named Eugene Cornwell, Cornwell Quality Tools stands as one of the longest-lived automotive hand tool manufacturer in business today. Cornwell's tools are distributed across the nation via a network of franchise dealers. Each dealer manages a mobile tool store within a designated geographic area. Now owned by its employees, Cornwell Quality Tools is committed to delivering support to its dealers via its support teams. With extensive training and a group of experienced sales managers, franchise dealers receive guidance to promote prosperous enterprises.

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