Data Breach Class Action

August 24, 2023 -- Attention: victims of the Continental data breach.

In early August 2022, IT specialists at Continental identified that a group of hackers had infiltrated their IT infrastructure from around July 4, 2022, to roughly August 5, 2022. In response, Continental swiftly took measures to eliminate the intruders from their systems, successfully preventing any encryption of their systems. Yet, during their access period, the hackers managed to duplicate and extract information from sections of Continental's IT framework. Since November 2022, this pilfered data has been available on the clandestine portions of the internet (darkweb).

Approximately 5,300 individuals were affected by the Continental data breach.

Breached data may include, but is not necessarily limited to: 1) Identification information, which may include items such as birth documents, identification credentials (like passports, driver’s licenses, or residence cards), or specific details extracted from personnel records. 2) Financial and banking details, which can encompass aspects from salary records or official tax documents, including bank account specifics, IBAN, and card numbers, as well as tax classifications. 3) Health-related records or details about physical/mental characteristics, as seen in past medical notifications or occupational health and safety documents. This might encompass submitted medical absence forms, incident accounts, or documents detailing prior or current significant disabilities or maternity conditions. 4) Insurance-related details, which includes data about affiliation with either public or private health insurance institutions, such as one's health insurance identifier or details about incapacity documentation.

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Additional information about the Continental data breach may be found here: Continental.

Continental AG, often referred to as Continental, is a German-based global automotive components producer. Their expertise spans tires, braking mechanisms, vehicular electronics, safety measures in automotive, powertrain systems, chassis elements, tachographs, and several other parts tailored for the automotive and transport sectors. The company markets tires for cars, bikes, and motorcycles globally under its Continental label. Its client roster encompasses leading car, truck, and bus manufacturers, including but not limited to Volkswagen, Daimler AG, Ford, Volvo, Freightliner Trucks, BMW, General Motors, Toyota, Honda, Renault, and Porsche.

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