Community Trust Bank
Data Breach Class Action

September 9, 2023 -- Attention: victims of the Community Trust Bank data breach.

A service provider for Community Trust Bank was informed by one of its external vendors, MOVEit, about a security flaw in the MOVEit Transfer system. This system is employed by the bank's service provider for data transmission. MOVEit identified an immediate vulnerability within its Transfer tool, which was being exploited by unauthorized individuals to access information on the MOVEit server. MOVEit recognized the issue and subsequently released patches to address the weakness. Upon learning about the flaw, the service provider affiliated with Community Trust Bank implemented measures to evaluate and minimize the risk of compromised data. This included seeking expertise from external professionals for both the investigation and rectification of the flaw. The subsequent inquiry revealed that specific files holding personal details might have been accessed and possibly extracted around May 29-30, 2023.

Approximately 99,000 individuals were affected by the Community Trust Bank data breach.

Breached data may include, but is not necessarily limited to: banking account data, financial account data, and debit/credit card data.

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Founded in 1903 in Pikeville, Kentucky, Community Trust Bank has a longstanding history of catering to the populations and communities across Kentucky, West Virginia, and Tennessee. Community Trust Bank operates 70 branches in various parts of Kentucky, including eastern, northeastern, central, and south central areas. Additionally, they have 6 branches in the southern region of West Virginia and another 3 in Tennessee.

The bank offers a diverse array of both commercial and personal banking services, alongside trust and wealth management functions. Their services encompass accepting various deposits, granting both secured and unsecured loans to a broad clientele that ranges from individuals to corporations, and furnishing cash management solutions for businesses and individual patrons. They also extend services such as issuing letters of credit, leasing safe deposit boxes, and executing funds transfers.

Lending is a significant aspect of Community Trust Bank's operations, with an array that includes commercial, construction, mortgage, and personal loans. They further offer lease-financing, diverse lines of credit, term loans, and other tailored lending solutions, like asset-based financing.

The bank's corporate subsidiaries undertake numerous responsibilities. They serve as trustees for personal trusts, handle estates as executors, act as trustees for employee benefits, function as paying agents for various securities issues, operate as an investment agent and depository for securities, and even deliver comprehensive brokerage and insurance services.

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