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Data Breach Class Action

Attention: Accellion data breach victims.

February 23, 2021, Abington Cole + Ellery is conducting a class action lawsuit investigation regarding the confirmed data breach of information from multiple business entities via the exploitation of multiple zero-day vulnerabilities in Accellion’s file transfer system.

Affected entities may include, but are necessarily limited to: Yeshiva University, University of Maryland (Baltimore), Health Net, Trinity Health, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, University of California, Stanford University Medicine, University of Miami, Royal Dutch Shell, Arizona Complete Health, Kroger, Danaher, Flagstar Bank, ABS Group, University of Colorado, Qualys, and the Office of the Washington State Auditor. Breached information varies by entity.

According to a FireEye blog post, beginning in mid-December 2020, malicious actors began exploiting vulnerabilities in Accellion’s file transfer system to install malware, which was then used to facilitate the exfiltration of data being transferred by multiple business entities via Accellion's legacy File Transfer Appliance. The threat may have been discovered after affected business entities began receiving extortion demands near the end of January, 2021. Additional information regarding the data breach may also be found in a recent Accellion press release.

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