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Class Action Investigation

Abington Cole + Ellery is conducting an investigation regarding the business practices of multiple companies that include anti-poaching (or non-solicitation) provisions in their franchise agreements. Anti-poaching provisions may harm salespeople, mechanics, restaurant workers, hotel workers, tax return preparers, etc.

What is an anti-poaching provision? An anti-poaching provision is language in a franchise agreement prohibiting businesses from hiring one another's employees. Example: Hypothetical fast food chain "Max's Burgers & Fries" has a provision in all of its franchise agreements prohibiting all "Max's Burgers & Fries" restaurants from hiring away one another's employees.

Why do employers have anti-poaching agreements? To make it more difficult for its employees to leave for new jobs. Example: Hypothetical "Max's Burgers & Fries" on Main Street pays its employees $15/hour, while hypothetical "Max's Burgers & Fries" a mile away on Elm Street pays its employees $20/hour... The Main street employees can't get the identical, but higher-paying job on Elm street because of the anti-poaching agreement.

How do anti-poaching agreements harm employees? As can be seen in the example above, anti-poaching agreements make it more difficult for employees to get better, higher-paying jobs.

Importantly: Anti-poaching agreements affect ALL employees because they have been shown to drive down wages.

If you are an employee who works for an employer that uses anti-poaching agreements and would like to participate in a class action lawsuit regarding this matter, please submit your information via the form on this webpage.

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